Tarot Reading with Whimsy Anderson

The Oracle of Whimsy

Ever since I was a very young girl, I have been enamoured with fortune-telling of all kinds.  

My mother was a seasoned astrologer, herbalist and storyteller. I often watched her, fascinated, while she drew out her client’s charts by hand, and spoke about what the symbols meant.

I believe my job as a reader is to offer a service that is both empowering, and uplifting, hope-filled, and entertaining.

Uncover your past, present and future events, including work, life path, finances, spirituality, and love!

Hurry, spaces running out for July!

I first began working as a professional reader over 20 years ago in Seattle Washington, and have continued to offer readings over the years.

My readings focus on encouraging self-awareness, personal empowerment, and growth.

Readings can be a wonderful source of self-reflection.

I focus on past, present and future questions. But for the most part, I usually address whatever it is that you need to hear and address at the time.

I am available for consultations both in my offices and by phone appointment.

In addition to being a tarot reader, I am a licensed naturopathic doctor, acupressure practitioner and medical intuitive, and I have enjoyed marrying my intuitive skills with my love of the conventional sciences.

My readings are honest, straight forward, and are centered on helping you gain control over your life.

I DO NOT remove hexes, I do not clear “negative” or stuck energy. To be empowered is to take 100% responsibility for your life and your choices: while understanding that you are NOT responsible for the poor choices of others.

I DO NOT believe the future is destined or etched in stone. I believe we make our choices and build our futures one choice at a time.

I DO NOT believe we choose everything that happens to us. What happens to us is the compilation of our choices and the choices of many others.

I believe that innocent people can be victims.

…But I also believe that we can rise above victimhood with determination and personal will—evolving beyond simply surviving—we can thrive.

With awareness and personal empowerment, we are better able to make positive choices for ourselves and those we care about.

The ultimate goal of a tarot reading is to become a happier more empowered individual; that can make better choices for yourself and those around you. This service is strictly for entertainment purposes only and should be enjoyed with lighthearted Whimsy and towards the goal of being enchanted.

With warmth and blessings,


This service is strictly for entertainment purposes only and should be enjoyed with lighthearted whimsy, with the goal of being enchanted.

Hurry, spaces running out for July!